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Lena's Wigs grew out of owner Lena Fleminger's less-than-ideal wig buying experience. Over the years, the store has evolved to include more than just top-quality wigs and excellent customer service. Today, Lena also offers many services that help women just like you get the best out of your wig.

Since its founding in 2008, Lena's Wigs has been located in the vibrant city of Baltimore. In 2006, after listening to feedback from her customers, Lena opened her online wig store. Featuring the same top-quality wigs and stellar customer service, the online version of Lena's Wigs enables you to shop for the perfect wig when it's convenient for you. And Lena's expert advice is just a phone call or email away.


Meet Lena

"I always joke that I was my first customer," says Lena. "I had a not so great first wig buying experience when I got married in 2003 and wanted to sell my wig. I realized a lot of my friends were in the same boat. And with wigs being so expensive, other women were really happy to get a great deal.

What bothered me the most about my first wig-buying fiasco was the customer service experience -- paid nearly $2,000 and it felt closer to Walmart than Nordstrom! So part of my goal when I opened Lena's Wigs was to make it a low-key, reasonably priced, and transparent buying experience."


Redefining Style

Lena's Wigs are for every woman who wants her hair to look and feel natural.
No more discomfort or migraines from a tight or itchy and irritating cap.
No more overpaying for a hair replacement system only to have it fall apart months later.
No more feeling less than beautiful because of hair loss.
Lena's Wigs has your perfect wig, because you deserve it. Natural. You.



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