Welcome to Lena’s Sheitels

Whether you want to sell a wig that’s not working for you, buy a sheitel that will, or do both, you’ve come to the right place! At Lena’s Sheitels, our mission is to solve your sheitel problems. We’re the country’s most successful wig consignments store. So come on in and discover what we’ve uncovered.

Lena Fleminger
Owner, Lena’s Sheitels


“I bought two sheitels from Lena’s Sheitels which I have been so happy with. When I was engaged, I had so much fun in the store trying on and modeling sheitels with my chattan and then after I was married I would often wear my fall and no one would know it was a wig! Great service and great for someone who, like me, didn’t have much to start off with. But at least I had two great wigs!”
Ariella Zeitlin-Hoffman, Israel

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